The Abc's Of Friendship

A lways be honest..
B e there when needed..
C heer them on..
D on't look for their faults..
E very chance you get, call!
F orgive them..
G et together often..
H ave faith..
I nclude them..
J ust listen..
K now their dreams..
L ove unconditionally..
M ake them feel special..
N ever forget them..
O ffer help..
P raise honestly..
Q uietly disagree..
R escue them when needed..
S ay you're sorry..
T alk frequently..
U se good judgment..
V alue them!
W elcome them when they need a hug!
X –press your thankfulness
Y our words to comfort
Z ip your mouth when told a secret..

by Pam Fraser

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My first impression upon simply seeing the poem was that it was way too long to read, but after taking my time to read it i found that this is a beautiful poem!