At some distance in mind's view,
cued intelligence prompts time's stooge;
precisions virilis Mala swayed,
by one, imaging humanity's sordid stool;
concise trompe L' oeil,
wryly hides conspectus, amidst the hunter's stew;
culmination, truth's supra known of few,
it is not sensed by callus fools.

Consensus shown, to wit this known,
both fool and sage clown obtuse;
balancing fiction and or fact,
each bows, at moneyed palm to reintroduce;
concessions, station of one's fate,
‘tween eyes and mind, the truth abates;
reason or experience, bends to break,
what use, a question so abstruse.

Envision sight from within one's mind,
played ideals, of all a living's stage;
Eligos and his legions plea,
give us, the souls of those proved stodgy;
judging one cleaves crinion hair,
result, national heritage is cruel viduage;
humanity mourns a stagers array,
life's lexica crushed, by heeled escuage.

Conjecture clearly rules mans sight,
not so before clouding by conception;
appoints each confusing tit for tat,
holds sibytiline a rite, and its acception;
cogitations crippled limb,
the broken bonds, eerily release a soul's boation;
myth, an unmet paladin,
thought's aplasia, the conscious minds dedition.

Deceptions era or error,
tolls against, the pealing tocsin of cognition sought;
symbology of the mind maligned,
thinking's coign, favors the crowd besot;
misconstruing erudition's trim,
its cornerstone assed, ah so methoughte;
transcendency, impacable quest of man,
out to horizon's ends it flaychts.

Abecedarian the lean as learnedness sags,
Thoth bawls at this demean;
lurchers, efferous, yokelish, curs,
subconscious scum of insensate mania;
delitescent, an inscient perdu,
to engatusar Paimon requires divine manna;
guidons fly syllogisms oriflamme,
conducive work, aids an apt demeanor.

Hipparchus' eyes, awoke quiescent minds,
while stood upon earth's perch;
Hipparcos did chart the stars,
from vantage alight, for thinkers to pursue;
Hippocrates, linked gifted men to oath,
a knowledge oft and moral purged;
Hypocrites, scourge a leaning tuned,
of closeted Id, so close life's aperture.

Digression's course an intrigue rude,
implies a mete to mindless saboteur;
pithy prose prove problem pierce,
pen pun provides plebes prompt procure;
pertinacity's thought is wryly spun,
a ostent surprise to blind connoisseur;
chequered muse mulls mean mise,
knowledge, not sense, a truth's poseur.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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