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Dear law students,
The semester is over, and I am
Your nightmare finished off by you by simply waking up
and breathe & recover. Fan yourselves, loosen your shirts.
I know I am the sum of your bad days for the whole semester,
Assigning you cases as Thick as three cabinets and
Giving you quizzes every meeting which
You think are nothing but trivial flaunts and show of a
Law teacher needing much attention. I suspect that you
Backbite me and consider me as Judge Terror on the loose
Eliminating the chaff from the grain, the bones from the
Cartilage and those whose guts are weak must, as
Humbly asked, pack up his wits and get his bolo and just
Plant camote & yam in his mountain. My car got scratches and
I spent a part of my meager salary to repair the marks of
Your suppressed cruelty. You read two books in political law, exclude
The assigned 3O cases or so, add another 20 and the handouts
Too. The law classes are long and weary and focus
Yes, focus is important, starts at 5: 30 to 8: 30 p.m. when
You could have rested in you cozy homes and watched the
Prime news and soap operas or the latest Oscar winning
Films. It has been a wonderful semester but sad enough
After I checked your final exams some may have to repeat
The course again. I said may. I am writing you this letter
And you may not read this. This time some of you may
Have been preparing for Lent this March, when the sun
Is hottest, when the dust is too dusty, when the church
Is too crowded, when all of us must reflect what sins have
We inflicted upon each other. Well, I guess, you have studied
A lot, and suffered that much, but try to look at it in
Another perspective, and let me ask you,
Did you learn a lot about political law this grueling semester?
Do not tell me your answer. I am not interested. I do not mind
Anymore how you call me names when you are drunk with
Your classmates in your favorite videoke bars.
Good luck, have a happy summer break. Dream some more.

I remain. Judge Terror.

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