Loneliness covers me like damp darkness
Such melancholy feelings from utter solitude
I struggle against a most deafening silence
Blinded by the absence of life’s guiding light
Hanging by a thread for the will to go on
While visions of despair haunt my every thought
Gloom seems to be my only true companion
As the shear vacancy of hope grows stronger
Defeated by love I find no comfort in living
Realities harshness has bled my very soul
Leaving me empty and hollow drained of life
But yet I continue to face this lonely existence
If only to accept the suffering yet to be received.
“closing thought”
There is a darkness in life we all must face now and then
How you choose to face it is a true measure of your strength

by Gordon Jerome

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Of all perfection flesh is heir to, Fair patience is the gentlest virtue; - - - - If we could conquer the virtue of patience, we would hold the world in our hands