BR ( / Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Epistle To Whom My Soul Belongeth

My feet nearly veered from the christian path
And onto the road of your certain wrath
For all things there is a season
Even when all escapes logic and reason

Forgive me for all presumptuous sins
And the myriad of secret sorrows held within
An unrighteous lifestyle was short-lived
A new christian life, JESUS forgives

No one knows but you and I
About the sleepless nights I've cried
Patiently for you my soul waits
Your omnipotence I appreciate

Lord, there are times when I crave your touch
My family and I need you so much
We have no one else to turn to
Besides every living thing depends on you

Grant me clemency and mercy
For your holiness I am thirsty
On your very essence I thrive
It's the only way I can survive

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