DTJ (21 December 1945 / Mumbai, India)

Epitaph - 2008

Here lies one who bore Life’s joys and pains,
Failures and successes equally or tried to;

Who is grateful for his life, wife Tilaka, daughter Joti,
Parents and relatives, friends and colleagues,
Neighbors and pretty young things, and those who thought
Of themselves as his enemies or victims:

For literature, music, painting, and sculpture,
Nature in her boundless beauty and variety;

The Sun, the differently-shaped clouds and the blue sky
During the day, and the lovely dark night, studded
With Sirius, Canopus, Orion, or the other constellations
Or planet Jupiter or Venus etc, and the growing Moon:

And the awareness to look within,
And see behind the chaos and darkness
The settling down to the bare emptiness
Called Soul, or Bramhan.

by Daniel Trevelyn Joseph

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Comments (2)

Lovely as it speaks of a man who has devoted his lifetime to pursuing all things of value life has to offer and in doing so has come to know the true purpose of living.
nice to read your thoughts...simply touching! I must say! thanks for sharing!