~dead Love~

~Dead love~

Do you have any idea of what you made me feel like?
Right now I feel invitisible to you.
Why'd you turn away?
From me, dad?

You knew I was hurting,
Becuse you were the one who was hurting me.
You put everyone you ever known,
Above me.
Girlfriends, girlfriend's kids, materials things.

Your own daughter.
When does it stop?

Why should I even care,
Cause you were't there,
When I was hurting.
I was left here to cry.

Did you even care that I was cutting
when I was taking pills, just to take my own
Life! ! ! ! !

You say ' I am listening to you'
But your really not.
Open your eyes!
open up wide!

I'm getting older and at the point were
I don't want your sorry's, but
your LOVE.


by Black Love

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This Is Placed Directly On My Frigile Tomb. Ink More.
A very thought provoking poem with a loaded question addressed to those who have done nothing for the less privileged and allowing them to rot in the world. Thanks. Do you regret the time when I struggled? Have you cultivated for the common harvest?
The last line affirms the resolutely non-religious stance of Surrealism - that is, all transcendence, all vision, all super-reality comes out of our human nature. We are not redeemed by a superior being, we makes ourselves superior beings. But facism destroyed Desnos's world and he died in a Nazi camp. But through all of his suffering he affirmed the highest value of Surrealism, F-R-E-E-D-O-M. He never budged from his position as a spokesperson for the Imagination transforming people into living poems, for serving his beloved with utmost devotion, for being true to his humanity to the very end. In the final words he scribbled on a paper found in his coat, he expressed his transcendent love for his human lover, and praised her SUN-TRANSFIGURED LIFE which illuminated his life. The enemies of freedom and decency were defeated by a poet who did not bear arms or commit violence: he defeated them by living a humane life. He was a secular saint.
A fine poem from a distinguished French poet.
a thought provoking poem that is even more relevant with its questions to day?
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