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Equal as one
Or two should be,
Equality declares
Inside of me.
Equal as halves
Of an apple should be,
Equal as the seeds
That created the tree.

Equal in life,
Both happy and sad.
Should be the same,
Both the good and the bad.

An equal world,
As free as the waves,
Always different,
And always the same.
Always washing
My soul with shame.

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Comments (2)

Sandra, I think you can be a bit hard on yourself at times. Which, considering your talent (which I personally believe does not exist in a person of few redeeming qualities) is totally unnecessary. But I think I see where you are coming from. You challenge yourself and you strive to meet your standards. If you know what I mean. Excellent writing. H
Why, washing always with shame? ? ? ? ? The poem, itself was to the point, and so very true, as is our world today....but the shame part, come on Sandra, you are a beautiful poet! ! ! ! l Warm regards, To a master bard, Theodora