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Summers With Southwestern Company

'It's a great day to be a bookman,
It's the best thing that I know...'
Sang the Bookman song a million times
Beginning in Lima, Ohio.

As a door-to-door book salesman
I worked 80+ hours each week.
Could make big bucks IF I make a sale.
A summer job most college kids won't seek.

A chance to travel and be my own boss
Live in states where I'd normally not go.
I'll challenge myself; I'm up for the task
Train for a week in Nashville, then let's go.

I'll sell Student Handbooks, dictionaries,
Bible stories and children's story books.
Sometimes America loves the bookman,
Other times: slammed doors and dirty looks.

My second summer was Indiana
Then two times in beautiful Michigan.
My fifth summer was in upstate New York.
Worked through college the hardest way one can.


Comments (2)

Sandra, I think you can be a bit hard on yourself at times. Which, considering your talent (which I personally believe does not exist in a person of few redeeming qualities) is totally unnecessary. But I think I see where you are coming from. You challenge yourself and you strive to meet your standards. If you know what I mean. Excellent writing. H
Why, washing always with shame? ? ? ? ? The poem, itself was to the point, and so very true, as is our world today....but the shame part, come on Sandra, you are a beautiful poet! ! ! ! l Warm regards, To a master bard, Theodora