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Equal Doesn'T Mean Identical

Time and again emotional you get.
My dear friend unncessarily you fret.
Don't give too much stress to heart.
Using brains at times is such an art.

For woman's right you speak and say.
'Equal' doesn't mean 'identical', I say.
Wife became pregnant and you whiled.
Fair man why not you delivered the child.

Behind Veil a woman oppressed you see.
Respected, protected she appears to me.
Freely she walks about to work and study.
Not stereotyped, not just known for body.

Clothes so scanty and no effect on you.
Go to doctor, you are amongst the few
Your body should burn like sun in may;
If you are not impotent, saint or gay.

It is sad, tis man versus woman you think.
Wrong idea, instead both are interlinked.
A woman is like delicate, tickly flower.
Their guardians and protectors men are.

If you think lesser the garb more she is free;
Then oblige me, earnestly I request thee;
Bring your moms and girls infront of me.
And show me how much they are free.

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Both are superior to the other in one aspect or the other. Face can be kept open but the dress should be a dress in which the body is not exposed.
Mam, I think otherwise, It is more comfortable, Air can freely circulate, Women who wear ample garments can swell and diminish inside them without embarrassment or discomfort. Yes, they need to choose the material smartly, polyester blends won't be comfortable, In summers cotton is best, it will protect the skin from scorching sun(which can lead to skin cancer) and if thier is high humidity it will soak the sweat. sweat causes itching and other skin disease. Mam you are free to disgree it is absolutely fine, many of my family members don't wear veil, their is no complusion in religion. Almost all religion talk about veil including christianity and islam. Check Bible Corinthians 11: 3 - 12, it is more strict than Quran.
I too agree with you to some extent.... Equal doesn't mean identical! But behind the veil, when you feel that a woman is respected and protected, have you thought of the discomfort a woman suffers in a humid and hot weather as our sultry summer? Don't think I am questioning time old conventions, but trying to disagree without being disagreeable! Anyway A great write in beauty of diction and spontaneity of flow!