Equal To Reign (1)

Poem By Michael P. Johnson

So oft its hard to stand alone
Or walk the path of life
So God from Adam took a bone
And made for him a wife

To help! The Lord gave Adam Eve
Equal, were both to reign
Neither should slight, neither should grieve
Nor cause the other pain

Was this an error made of God?
Was this some foolish dream?
Not few today would think it odd
If man would reign supreme

Both man and wife believe they’re lord
Instead of David’s Root
Seldom pulling in one accord
To bear their marriage fruit

Driving each other left and right
Pushing each other down
Till harmony is out of sight
Till discord wears a crown

Divorce grows rife in every land
Man’s children cry alone
Where neither side will understand
Where hearts have grown as stone

The evidence we all can see
The truth is all too plain
Where selfish pride will bend its knee
True peace can reign again

Let harmony be man’s delight
Let love, guide groom and bride
Let God and man in truth unite
Before the great divide P.T.O.

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