Equally As Sad

Doesn't it strike you as 'funny'?
I do.
That the 'nothingness' I once had,
And meant to you 'then'...
Has now risen in value.

And all those 'things' you wished,
That brought you a 'status'...
And a happiness,
Has diminished in worth.
Don't you feel you've been cursed?

And that 'nothingness' I still have...
Is priceless.
That same nothingness,
You wish you could now afford.
Since your 'circumstances',
Has brought you down to Earth.

Doesn't it strike you as 'funny'...
That your taste for things and money,
Has changed in its importance?
I do.
In fact...
You should be laughing hysterically,
By now!

As much as I want to laugh at you...
I can't do it.
There are too many fools trying to prove...
Like you,
That the look on their faces...
Expressing heartache,
Is faked.

And I don't find that funny at all.
I thought I would.
But I don't.

Even he who laughs last...
I have discovered,
Doing it alone...
Is equally as sad.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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