Equation For Destruction

Now I’m a sane person
I make my own choices
I followed the instructions
But I’ve realized
Me + you, you and you= destruction

You’ve convinced me to hate myself
Love you and no one else
And you see there is one thing I don’t understand
How come I’m wearin’ the pants
But don’t feel like a man?

I figured out your scheme
Looked at your side of things
But as hard as it is to say
Me + you, you, and you= destruction
Ain’t no other way

You are to complicated
I’ve lost all interest
Funny what your face looks like
Realizing how you underestimated…me
But now you see

Me + you, you, and you =destruction
Your love now amounts to nothing
The only person you have left now
Is your self
Now isn’t that somethin’?

by Ivan Bolden

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