Eradicating Terrorism For World Peace!

Terrorists are collecting funds in the name of religion
From nations that are opposing terrorism in the world!
A Super Power too has been aiding a nation to forbid
Terrorism not knowing it's indirectly helping terrorism!

After many, many years only, that Super Power has realized
That its billions of dollars given as aid is biggest and
Useless foolish act of late and decided to stop aids ever;
Now only, the fang of the poisonous snake is being removed!

Just waging war long as in Vietnam is not going to eliminate
Terrorism from the world, but has to be done intelligently;
That is the way root of terrorism can be pulled out from
The ground for putting an end to wars, violence for peace!

Hard core radical religious bigots should be understood by
The people supporting all in the name of religion anywhere;
Their huge support in the war on terrorism only can be of
Much help to eradicate terrorism for promoting world peace!

by Ramesh T A

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