My trust in you has rusted,
Cracked and crusted.
My faith?
That remains strong.
That has helped me carry on.
My thoughts of you...
With an 'us' I knew?
I am doing the best to forget,
That you and I even met.
We did our best.
And perhaps,
Could have done better...
To avoid any regrets.
But I have recovered,
To find a peace of mind.
Whatever we had...
I have long put to rest.
It is in a past I have left behind.
And the happiness I have?
That I hope you can detect?
See it and know none of it is yours...
To touch any part of it to get.
Not to waste time...
Sitting in chats to reminisce.
This joy I feel is very real to me.
And 'you' have been replaced,
Without a single trace!
Erased from my Christmas list.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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