Erased Memories

Brain sometimes does that.
It burns down the memories
Of mistakes we can't forgive.
Pain, we can't endure.
Love, we can't forget.
Only a few images survive,
Distorted and hard to identify.
Lies fill those empty spaces,
And Life goes on.
Years pass trying to recollect, rebuild.
Quest for the truth is futile
For, nothing emerges out of ashes.
But, In the course of time
Deep down the heart,
A black hole is created.
Into which everything disappears.
The past, the present and the future.
One day when you find peace
It is the time of pay back.
Erased memories hit hard, quick.
Like a blow of the blunt mace.
A Merciless death.

by Sreeda Prasad

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Like a blow of blunt mace a merciless death Nice composition as great feelings. Thanks for sharing.A big 10+++++
life goes on, and it is the truth