(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

Leaving Las Vegas

I feel a tug upon my sleeve
Tho' there's no one about to see
A mental hug that won't take leave
It's tidal pull full upon me

I know it well… I feel it deep…
It hides without pretense
E'en into my sleep
Where my dreams only
Offer futile defense

It's a Siren's cry
From primal deeps
It's lover's sigh
"Come lie with me"
It proffers me maternal sleep
In a dark and eternal sea

Best I take leave…
Whilst I might
From this dry and sterile city
Before the binds
become too tight
And allow me no more pity

This city grasps, tightly clasps
‘Til life lives within no longer
My breath now diminished
To no more than gasps
I pray the pull of the sea
Is stronger

So romantic to me is
The call of the Sea
With a sense of panic
In mood so manic
In feverish urgency I pack
That I must at once and forever
take leave of LasVegas
And never! Never…ever!
…Look back…

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