MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Ere Jesus Comes Again

With running nose, seldom long clean
Since running oft from schools
I’ve known what consequences mean
Disobeying life’s rules

I’ve seen the foolishness of lies
Of thieves, as time rolled by
Sheer regret in a killer’s eyes
Condemned, in fear to die

Worse, are the horrors, of today
Where knowledge is so free
Where from God’s grace, most turn away
In spite of Calvary’s tree

As far as north is, from the south
From east is, to the west
God’s Word was spoken from Jesus mouth
Of life’s on-going test

God’s Son spoke plain, of Pharisee yeast
The foolishness, of doubt
The near coming of the Beast
Who’ll draw Christ’s last few out

Cutting the throats, who’ll him reject
Denying all but Christ
Showing not death, or devil respect
But Jesus, sacrificed

Who rose again, to save the few
Take each of them by hand
Obedient to all He said to do
Towards His Promised Land

Beware; precious soul this writing
This warning, love makes plain
God, The Father’s still inviting
Ere Jesus comes again…..

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