Erebus Heart

I have had a bellyful of you
I have swallowed enough,
In token of my humility
But you chose to chew and spit on me

Despite all my sermons of plea,
Yet you chose to remain deaf
You mistook my humility
Of all things, for servility
Because you are blind

In all honesty,
You are a nefarious dog
Full of humiliation
To be frank,
You are the worst of men

You chose no virtue
And made sure
I gave in unwillingly
In your hands
Is life of servitude
Undesired, you molested me

You took away my maiden head
Now I feel like a used tin
Trod and thrown into the bin

Why are you not proud,
You dog beneath contempt?
Instead you tell them
Lies that caress their brain

Who will I exculpate?
Who will take the blame?

Who will hear me
And stand for you?
He must be despicable
In fact his heart
Is no better than yours!

by Ifeyinwa Ezenyimulu

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pain from an emotional accident is here reincarnated
dripping with pain - pain that bruises but builds fortitude, renews the human spirit and we emerge anew into a life freshly hatched in the morning of our resilience. Good, Ify