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Erection On A Train
DB (20.02.1988 / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)

Erection On A Train

Poem By Dan Brown

Standing at the platform, and I'm really quite excited.
However, my joy and gaiety is temporarily blighted
by the imminet need for some trouser correction
as I find myself with a painful erection.

Boarding the train is rather precarious,
as I'm sure some would find it hilarious
to see me so, standing proud.
I swear erections should not be allowed.

Finding a seat is risky too,
for as I pass I poke eyes right through.
Sitting down, I turn beet red,
this sort of thing is reserved for bed.

The journey itself is full of pain.
I can't get comfortable and I can see a stain.
There's pain in my balls, I'm sure they're blue,
I make my excuses and head for the loo.

Now I'm here, he lies dormant once more.
After a forceful eruption, right from the core.
Plenty of time now, for amusing reflection.
At the time not so funny, that bastard erection.

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Comments (2)

LMFEAO....OMG danny omg.... lmeao im sorry but that would be something to happen to you wouldnt it lmeao..... great poem very humorous... very you truly a MASTERPiece omg lmeao great one love ya Melissa
Naughty but funny! Patricia