(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Eric’s Feast

Well he did it once again, folks
Erik made a feast for us
With lots of time and talent
He created quite a fuss

Such a delicious spread it was
A perfect Valentine fare
So much food there was so
We didn’t mind we had to share

Succulent meat was served
Carrots done to perfection
So many choices he made for us
The most wonderful selection

Everyone was dressed so nicely
Especially the lady in the red hat
You could see it from all over the room
No matter where you sat

We were all in the mood to eat
For it was a special day for us
This time we stayed close to home
Didn’t even have to ride a bus

I wish you could have been here
You missed a wonderful treat
We’ll have to give the credit
To Erik for a delightful feast!

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