DG (19.8.1945 / Patero Epirus Hellada [ Greece])

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The fact is i am a poet,
hence i lose hope...

by kfm Productions

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I am not familiar with the myth you are referring to; but, as far as politics concerns- unfortunately, it has always been this way.
There is a doom that hangs over the characters in this story. And they are fatally oblivious to its presence and power in their lives. Until the full disclosure of their errors strikes them even as the doom descends upon them. This is one way FATE plays out in our mortal lives, and countless later writers from many cultures have echoed this theme from the ancient Greeks. I was re-reading parts of Thomas Hardy's TESS this weekend, and on the very last page he refers to Zeus as THE PRESIDENT OF THE GODS who, perhasps reluctantly, released that doom on the character of the once-innocent Tess. The knowledge she gains about human existence is painfuil but real, and I can see its origins clearly in this distant story.
The close connection of money and power always returns even if broken from time to time. History around the world is its witness.
Nothing really changes does it?
Bribery is just another word for politics. The U.S.A. is an oligarchy, purchased from politicians. A time worn tradition.