This little poem's
'bout a friend of mine
He was not human
he was feline.
Even though he was a cat
he meant so much to us.
''Oh Ernie, where did you go''?
Ernie was a friend of ours
he had all the personality
of a warrior cat.
He was always friendly
and he guarded our house.
''Ernie, where did you go''?
You used to sit on my chest
when I was sick or feeling down.
You thought you were protecting us
when you followed us
and meowed, ''hey watch out,
you're too far from home now''!
Ernie, we will miss your heart
your strong body
your strong life-force.
You were the best friend
that we ever knew.
''Oh Ernie, we love you''

by Adryan Barnathan

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you have transformed your grief into a work of art... that is a beautiful thing indeed... your heart shines through your words and touches mine... thank you, can I call you 'Ade'?