Eros And Psyche

i await
thru the dying night
your eternal shadow
that looms within no light

settling to the ivory
of your tampered embrace
i live with the satisfaction
of not seeing
but being
but feeling..

thru warm breezes
that occupy the mind
silent steps
of invisibility
i torment
i decline

for time i cannot wait
and time have consumed
this concurrent faith
an eon of separation
and the distance
one could not forbear

is this our veto?
is this our fate?
a reparation through time
that no one can dictate?

and so i search for your touch
through the sleep of death
that Olympus had enough
they set you free
to bestow upon us
an awakening
celestially combined

with an endless beginning
that need not any word
just the presence,
just mere existence,




© 11.18.05

by Velvet Astraea Dido

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