Broken Friendship

Friends are forever
Friends are there for each other
First to know
First to arrive

Ready to give their life
Ready to walk along side
Really truly on the ride
Rude to those who are snide

Interested in me
Into my hobbies
Involved with my life
Integrated into me

Every changing
Entirely devoted
Err often yet still acceptable
Entitled to our opinions

Need not speak to understand
Never asking why or when
Next of kin without the blood
Not to be left in the mud

Done when you are
Doesn't leave
Doesn't fear your secret peeve
Dying with you when you are

Broken when she comes in sight
Our friendship put behind
By a single girl you didn't know
But for an hour in the show

A friendship designed to out stand time
Broken like a piece of twine
For friends you meet online
Who you never introduce me too

Oh Best Friend Of Mine

by John Nanashi Trowa Barton

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A beautifully penned short and sweet poem. Thanks for sharing here.