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Erotic Scene Pt 1
EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)

Erotic Scene Pt 1

The sand at the ashore of
the ocean paints our body,
the sensitive full moon takes
record of our moves, The stars
are really cute tonight, smiles
never desert us, my chest is
your poillow and drawing board
your hair is my tendy.the sound
that comes from the oceans praise
our body as we grind to it. with our
lips fortifying our love, our hands do
the talking. I feel your lips on my ear
my heart beat fast, tears drops, my
hand find your hips as we grind ourselves
home, breathing heavily our hands shiver
smokes find it way out of our mouths, as
we reach your climax, screaming in ecstasy.

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