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Erotic Scene Pt 2
EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)

Erotic Scene Pt 2

Our fantasie start breathin the
moment our lips touches each
others, bed full of roses as the
ships flows on the atlantic ocean we
flow on it.Candle light dance to
the fresh air, our hands oiling
our body, her tongue find it way
on my body, emotion finds it way
through the door of our hearts
and it grow stronght towards
the sky. The scent that knows our
body fill the room to brim, fast and
with courage we battle each other
to get to the top, the words of
pressure sink out of our mouths
wowooo we are back.

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Comments (2)

Original and fresh this poem is in it's description of 2 lovers. The ending is very clever.
The beginning and middle are pretty good...