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Error Filled Canvas

An error filled canvas.
Marks of past mistakes,
Almost erased
But never do they fade
Never do they change
Pick up the brush
Dip it in cherry-red denial
Paint on the lips
Make sure they smile
Make sure it’s looks real
Make sure it hides all the memories
When you’re done
Dip the brush back into reality
Watch the crimson mix into the water
Stripped of the fantasy
For only a few seconds
Dry it of it’s momentary tears.
Next comes the deep brown eyes
Make sure it hides the fear
Make sure they hold it back
Give them emotions
The user lacks
Disguise the pain
Make it look like delight
So no one would know,
They are dying inside
Take a break
Another dip into reality.
Watch the brilliant brown mix with the water
Mix with the crimson.
Like an unprotected grave
On a rainy day
Taking all the pain, taking it all away
Now paint the nose,
A creamy skin tone
Now move on the cheeks
Make them smile with the mouth.
Make it a liar, make it laugh
Hide the dried up stream of tears,
Before the flood gets here
Dip it into reality
Move the brush carefully
It’s fragile, use delicate strokes
Stay in reality, SNAP, it breaks
You are done
A beautiful painted on, made up face.
Covering up sadness, covering up mistakes
The expression will never change.
Like an lifeless corpse.
A mixture of chemicals covering up the past errors
Like the mixture of lies and smile cover up your past pains.
Never do they change
Never do they fade.

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wow this is a great poem
nice diffrent but nice