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Errors In My Balance Sheet
PKJ (September 25,1940 / Mavelikara in Kerala State of India)

Errors In My Balance Sheet

I died after a rich, joyful, life in the world.
Soon with my accounts I was called by God,
To settle my debts and dues. I appeared
And proudly read out, my many a big deed
All of which I thought would certainly please God.
But God looked displeased, which shook me indeed.
“I did all these to pleased you, my Lord
Kindly give me credit” I implored.
“My programmes included mass feeding, clothing,
housing and teaching”, I went on beseeching,
“Big accolade I expected, at least a good pat
From you my Lord for the time and cost input.
A place for me in heaven, I had taken for granted.
Great Lord! Grant me that. Otherwise I’ll be shattered.
My wife is eagerly looking upwards to hear from me my score.
My balance sheet’s schedules were prepared by her.”
God didn’t speak. With open eyes he just remained silent
His face clearly showed that His decision was different.
I sweated, shivered, broke down and loudly wailed,
Wailed like the women who saw Jesus nailed.
God turned and ordered me to read out from my book,
The names of all the programmmes which I reckoned as big.
I read, “Joy’s Food Program”, “Joy’s Cloth Charity”,
“Joy’s Homes for Homeless” and “Joy’s Free Varsity”
God heard, sighed and said “all hype for Joy!
None per se is charity for men in need, my boy!
Schemes of this genre do not earn any heavenly credit
For quietly done charities, I grant enormous merit.

I don’t see any items of that type in your account.
So, wait at the lower floor and receive the devil’s judgment.”

Satan saw my account and told me with a grin:
“To get a place in hell, you must commit bigger sin! ”

Thus, getting neither heaven nor the devils’ nether hell,
I went again to God and asked His Lordship to tell
As to what more I should do, to get a berth in heaven.
He said: “you go to the world and prove your merit again”.
Thus, I’m back in the world for earning tangible merit,
To load my balance sheet with recognizable credit.

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food for thought....we forget many things or we are steeped in ourselves and rarely think about the essence of life as a whole and you remind it very well here...
Excellent Poem and I recommend everybody to read this poem to understand themselves about the errors in their own balance sheet.