Isn't it good?
Doesn't it feel grand?
It's one of my own creations...
To share and spread upon the land!
What does that mean?
For me it is a taste that's wonderful.
Beyond estatic!
And bordering supreme!
It is a feeling one has...
Greeted with the morning Sun.
With a thrill to rejoice...
And share this with everyone.
It's almost 'rollercoasterish'...
That leaves a stomach 'queazy'.
That's not a word at all! '
Yes queazy is but sometimes not easy!
But it could land near a quayside.
If I chose...
And 'if' I pleased to free from that 'queaze'

And I do!

I just love the way it feels.
And if it describes the 'high' that appeals...
'Esaciadacious' is the way I'm 'queazed',
In the morning, at noon and even at night...
When I'm left to tingle 'esaciadated' in the breeze!
And you say what?

Is my creation to mean one feeling in between
a release that satisfies the mind and relaxes
with contentment! When this wonderful feeling occurs...
one can truly say they have become 'esaciadated'!
And you say what?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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