As I lie in my bed, I see the lights of the passing cars go by
Shutters closed, mind open, experimenting on its own
I'm alone in my heart and mind, and I'm free to think and explore

My belly button feels different than anytime before
As my index finger glides over it
It feels erotic and tantalizing, never felt that way in the past

Soft mountains made of lust, not mass
Forearms yearning to be caressed
Legs that are full, womanly, beautiful

Eyes closed, eyes opened- looking at you
Cheeks flushed, mouth slightly open
Thoughts of you please me to no end

Right hand wanders, left hand wonders
An enticing domain for them to travel
The essence of my womanhood is undeniable

A river of fury runs down my thighs
Uncontrollable desires for you rule my soul
Body trembling with gratification and satisfaction

Now, just hold me and let your love transcend
Let me look into your eyes
And get lost in the heaven that they've created just for me.

March 2006

by Karen Alc.

Comments (2)

Sensual and loaded with desire. I've enjoyed it, Karen. With warmth, Gina.
I think I need a bucket of 'cold water' hihihihihi a little early here for this Karen? hihihihi nice one dave xxxx have a nice Day.Ola