Give Me A Smile

I appreciate your efforts,
To clarify the exits.
With an enthused anticipation,
That I'd rehearse...
The coming and goings of my ways.

But you may find those exits,
More complexed than me.
I saw them in the construction stage.
And made my suggestions and recommendations...
As to whom through them should come and leave.
And it seems my opinions...
Although not often given,
Have, surprisingly, been approved.

Please don't tease.
Why do you look as stunned as you do?
You look bewildered?

I may associate with fools.
And enjoy their company.
But I have not been invited to deliver that speech.
You see this face I wear?
A seriousness you'll hear from me.
Please don't despair.
I will be brief.

I am here to bridge gaps.
And pour down fresh concrete.
I am here to ensure...
Misunderstandings once done,
Come to an end and cease.

With a foundation more dependable,
Than the one you had!
Did you think I was here to provide entertainment.
So you then could mock me, joke and laugh?

I'm here for that too!
When my comments are through.
You don't think what I do I take that seriously?
Do you?

Give me a smile.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Sensual and loaded with desire. I've enjoyed it, Karen. With warmth, Gina.
I think I need a bucket of 'cold water' hihihihihi a little early here for this Karen? hihihihi nice one dave xxxx have a nice Day.Ola