I drift through life, like an invisible ghost,

No-one to ask what’s wrong at the most,

Like an unloved soul with nowhere to go,

So I try my hardest to not let it show.

Every day, every night, I shrug, I mope around,

I’m finding out that I have no common ground,

People go on in their life, as if I’m not even there,

I can hardly see, to me, how that is fair.

You walk right by, you step past me,

I’m trapped where I am but it’s not where I should be,

People can be cruel and so full of hate,

But I guess this was all just fate.

I speak out loud but it barely makes a sound,

I am so lost and I need to be found,

Emptiness has for humanity has no degree,

I believe this world was not made for me.

I do not belong here as a silent part,

Not being loved has damaged my heart,

Break me free, release my soul,

As to escape this torture is my final goal

by Sarahh Riley

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