If I could fly over that stormy sea,
I would dispose all the rumblings I feel within me.
To free me of my inhibitions,
So I could once display a sweet disposition.
To come back and feel released,
And be that happy little girl before the age of three.

Let me tell you, I have travelled beyond and far.
To run away from those things which find me in the dark.
With my shadow near, I try to run and hide.
Little voices whisper life will never be kind.

Still, here I am, trying to unfold.
Words never written but stories I have told.
For in my head, I carry my woes.
The few who knows, my heart—I am expose.
With innocence waived, my trust was lost behind closed doors.
Happiness was abandoned as I sought solace.
My quest for help ignored.

Contrary to all of my plights, I want it to be known.
In God, I do see light.
Injustice, I know have come my way but I could never hate.
These words have served its purpose, so I can escape.

by Marie WardAlonge

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