Bubbles Of Emotion

Reverberations of sound touching me interiorly, giving
vibrations a turn at giving beauty to sensations.

Bubbles of emotion being filled with sanguine epistles
in interior depths.

Pictures leaning against walls in catacombs left in the
darkness of yesterday.

Belonging in the midst of tightened hopes, opening slowly
to the illumination of morning glory's, fulfilling the
impossibilities of lifetime ingenuity.

Tapping into innate talent with an absolute and endearing
power held within this being forever, while being shared
with people all over the world at the same time.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (7)

I think he was looking for a way to free his soul from a suffering body.But his poem has wry and sensitive humor to it..I'm sorry he's gone since he is my poet discovery for today..rest in peace and thank you for your poetry..
Short and brilliant....10
(Escape Plan by Bill Knott.) **What a poem. Poet trapped in a suffering body, wanting a way out. Perhaps a miracle. Or to awaken to find it a bad dream, etc. Many are imprisoned by life’s circumstances. And oh, the pain of enduring- bearing the unbearable.
John, you're too late with your comment directed at Bill. He died in 2014, or so says PH. You say the message is suicide. I interpreted it differently. I thought maybe he was suffering from some kind of terminal illness such as cancer, and knew he was dying, but hoping to find a way out.
The message is obviously suicide.... The title is ESCAPE PLAN... I can't think of any more compelling - or more strongly fused emotions than those surrounding suicide - or that such desire to leave life could be greater than life itself... I think there is incredible beauty in human emotion KC, all human emotion. Even those that I have never felt myself... but intently those I have... Artists are incredibly and overwhelmingly subject to depression.... Awesome poem Bill...
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