CT (May 25th,1995 / )

Escape The Holocaust

Another night
Another fight to survive
As the days go by
Everybody with blonde hair and blue eyes
And if the religion fits
They'll burn to a crisp
This is a fight
A fight to stay alive
Some have tried to escape this
This Holocaust as some have called it
But they were stopped
Dragged, pulled back in
Forced to endure harsh labor camps
Forced to flee their homes
To find a secret place to
Live peacefully without a fear of
Their lives taken away without dignity

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Comments (2)

Ethnic cleansing continues. Your poem seems a modern take on this issue. I hope that this message is heard in Myanmar. Thanks for sharing. You might enjoy Celan's poem, Death Fugue, featured on the front page of PH.
This was a terrible plight for anyone to endure. Great work.