Escape To Rome

And there it was,
the symbol,
all things he valued
in this rotten world.

by Herbert Nehrlich Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Aly, they would have locked you up for your spelling! If you don't like the swastika that makes two of us then. Best H
Hey, it's interesting to say the least. I mean, I know that the Thrid Reich was in charge, and, don't get me wrong I'm Part German, but I'm learning about the way they treated people and I'm just not sure I would agree with them. They dumped on Jews and Free Masons. I come from a long line of FM's, I would have been sent to a gehtto or Concenntration Camp. I just don't like the swatzica.
What an adventure! It's amazing the things that people have to go through in this world. You are so good at poems like this with such rich stories. This was great Herbert! Sincerely, Mary
This certainly made me sit up and wonder! A great poem H. What was it that inspired you to write it? Was it a book that you have just read or something like that? A very powerful piece. And it kept my interest right to the end. Gyp's
Good poem, Herbert. It flows nicely and the ending is powerful. It isn't always easy to write this kind of poem that is dramatic and emotional as well. Raynette
Herbert you got it in all it's glory...the sign and stamp and smell of all that was condoned by church and state....a vivid account that makes the reader sit up and wonder, what it was all for. Excellent!
wow...for now i am speechless (which is a good sign!) u.