Poem Hunter
AL (1985 / Mexico)


Sitting alone in her room
She looks at the shadows surrounding her
She dares not speak
She dares not move

She doesn't know that if she goes away
She'll find the light that she once had,
The light that made her smile
The light that gave her life.

Darkness closing in around her
Her demons and ghosts torment her
Making her cry,
Cry for all she has lost

Her heart sinks every time
she dares to look around
Because all she sees
Are pieces of her broken soul

She dares not get away
For what is outside this darkness
Frightens her even more
Than the shadows inside

Now, when all hopes are gone
When her heart can break no more
A light starts to shine
Guiding her outside this room

This room that is her self-made prison
This room that has enclosed her
For oh so many years
This room that she's now leaving
And that tomorrow will be just another memory
Memory of her death
Memory of what she had to go through
Before she could find her way again

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