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Escaping Back To You
FF ( / Canada)

Escaping Back To You

Poem By Frederick Francis

On this paper I wrote all that I wanted to be.
It was such a wonderful tale of us together.
You tore it to pieces right in front of me;
Dashed each one of my dreams of forever.

You were gone, then returned in a different form.
All the shreds of me that you had torn,
You were the wind that made the pieces flea;
I grasped for them but they moved too fast to see.

I gathered a piece here and there.
With each little shred my hope would gain.
Our passions fire started to warm away my despair.
Until you returned once more as the rain.

So I started again, just when I thought it was nice,
You manifested once more as frigid ice.
In my misery I started to feel this darkness could be fun.
Then, you bitch, you came back as the sun.

When I gave up and just decided to sit on my ass;
You grew up around me as green green grass.
So I ran far away to a barren land
Where I knew you could never be the sand.
And there you were with my paper held tight;
So I held you close with all my might.

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You cannot escape from the one your heart has loved... no matter how far you go, you will just be escaping back to her! . Wonderful poem, top mark.