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Escaping My Past
DC Derrick Clark (04-25-81 / tulare california)

Escaping My Past

Rebounding, away from a dark past-tense's.
My soul lit up; as my eyes, twinkle like a star.
Shiny vision, a clear decision,
as I glared at, my failures and life scars.

Healing up, in the process.
Knowing life, is a game of chess.
Using my past, to created a better future.
A surge of creative thought's,
swelling up, to it highest peak.
As I take time, to plan and seek.

Is im becoming, a goal-oriented being.
Believe me or not! My life is rapidly changing.
My past will be destroy; my future is rebuilding.

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Welcome to the world of discoveries and possiblities. It's nice of you to share your feelings. I hope you will be 'Using my past, to create a better future' rather than destroying it because I am confident that there are many good things of your past that you might want to keep and cherish if you think about it. Even with the game of chess, you get another chance. Hope you will be transformed by the fire and vision in your eyes.