Escaping Reality

To lie naked on the fiery hot beach
Waves crashing and cooling thy soul
Washing away pain and misery
A blinding sun warming every inch of body and soul

To fall asleep loudly drowning in music
Songs so loud thy soul cannot think, cannot feel
Floating away in their words, their lyrics, ideas
Eyes closed, singing, emotions floating

Walking hand in hand with you by my side
Staring in your eyes
Crawling into your soul, your heart
I rest inside of you, escaping

by Jennifer Unknown

Comments (4)

A wonderful way to create your own reality. Great awareness...
Sounds like the best possible escape to me, if one must, and we all do at times. good poem here...~~~marci. :) ~~~~
Very beautiful. I love it.
this is an awsome poem. I myself wouldl like sometimes to get away from the world for a little while, to not think for a little while. favorite line: 'Crawling into your soul, your heart' beautiful imagery. :)