CKC (1970 / Pittsburgh PA)


I know what madness is.
When I am up and
You are up but to each other down.
When ceiling walls and
Flooring halls echo the silent shrill.
When planted roots sprig new leaves
Giving fruit and tuber both.
When each measure of your space
Is another minute mine.
When my veranda of parquet
Is your great room paper wall.
When each egress I turn the handle
Ingresses the door behind.
When each step of my feet
Is at once your measured time.
When the shadows of my recesses
Highlight the vaults in yours.
When 'ere we go throughout this night
And each window like the doors.
When escape is eternally bound
I'll pass your ghost and you'll
same shudder when you are sure
You have just passed mine.

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Well written. I enjoyed your utilization of imagery.