Escuta Zé Ninguém (Listen Me, Jack Nobody - With English Version)

Listen me, Jack Nobody!
Extracted Ready-made of Wilhelm Reich's homonymous work
“I am of the people, I am a Jack Nobody
Here below the laws are different” Biquíni Cavadão.

You just want
That it interrupts your millenarian suffering...
Nor you understand, Jack Nobody,
That you are you,
In your irresponsibility,
In your backwardness,
In your incapacity of contemplating,
In your eternal axioms...
And it is like this that you madden,
Jack Nobody!
You devour your happiness!
The great scientists, poets and men of wisdom
They escaped from your company!
Stops with that, Jack Nobody!
It stops one minute, Jack Nobody!
You know and I know and all know
That you live in a permanent frustration state!
You built on the sand
Your house,
Your life,
Your culture,
Your civilization,
Your science,
Your technique,
Your love,
Your education...
Your Christian love,
Your socialism,
Your American constitution...
All your life is poverty!
I don't agitate the people,
But yes your trust in you,
Your humanity!
You are it Anything, Jack Nobody,
The Absolute!
Comes with me, Jack Nobody!
I will show you some pictures
Of your daily life! ...

by Jayro Luna

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