AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)


I thought that you would stay forever with me
But there's a time when we have to leave
Before we say our final goodbye
And seeing our hearts die

I don't want to hate myself for losing you
'Cause everytime I think of her with you
It starts to kill me deep inside
And I lose all of my pride

I've made you unreachable
Now I've become Ms. Inapproachable
Into your arms I wrap myself tight
Hoping you will come back with all my might

I want you to catch me when I fall
For on my own, I can't stand tall
I have nowhere to go
It's like being stuck-out in the snow

Making it harder and harder to move
Trying to make myself catch-up to you
So, ashamed for you to see me crawl
Without you, I've been through it all

It may seem like I have everything
But everything seems like nothing
That sometimes loneliness
Can turn into a big mess

That mess that I can't crawl-out-of
Especially without you love

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I love it.... Such a lovely poem...