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If I could take a moment to describe you,
in any possible way I can.
I would say you are the magic,
and the desire of every man.
From the fire in your eyes,
to the scent of your hair.
It's when you glide in a room
and make all the men stare.
You're the passion in a kiss,
a reason to stand tall.
It's the way you always catch me,
when I feel ready to fall.
From the touch of your hand,
to the taste of your lips.
From the warmth of your smile,
to the curve in your hips.
Your phenomenal indeed,
as a great poet said.
And it's from the bottom of your feet,
to the top of your head.
When tears fall like rain,
and I've fallen to my knees.
It's your words that reassure
and carry me with ease.
You are yesterday and today,
which brings hope for tomorrow.
When I wrap you in my arms,
I never feel sorrow.
Never a change in your ways,
you are my lover and friend.
You are the essence of woman
from beginning to end.

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