Essence Of Beauty

Poem By Sergio D'Amico

From the early hours that shaped my form
until the night when thoughts were born,
In a time where Heaven was still blue,
and words spoken were always true.

Every morning I woke to see
the leaves bow down a tree.
And the skies, their tint of blue,
showered sunlight, drying the dew.

By a gentle sea I stood alone,
holding feelings of a higher tone,
and as the sun circled it's roll,
I met someone who shared my soul.

The sea spoke through a gentle breeze
and I was sure to hear flowers breathe,
weaving thoughts that bind me still,
and feelings accompanied by a summer chill.

No Day forth was ever as bright,
As the day I saw this sight,
for just her Eyes captured fully
the essence of immortal beauty,

Since that day there is no death,
even after the very last breath,
for feelings shall forever stream
in my thoughts or in a dream.

Comments about Essence Of Beauty

A beautiful creation in verse with rhythmic splendour.
A lovely, well written poem, Sergio

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4,3 out of 5
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