MS (7-31-83 / Newport News, Virginia)

Essence Of Desire

Dedicated to my Tabitha soon to be wife.

You are the essence of my desire;
You are the fuel to my fire.
Every glimpse of your radiance
Is a spark of utter brilliance.
You are the apple of mine eye.
Without you, I would surely die.
I thank my God up above
For sending you, my Love.
I cherish every thought-
I cherish every touch
When two become one
Forever and for aye.
I delight in your essence.
I revel in your presence.
You are the cutest.
You are the hottest.
You may disagree,
but I will firmly stay.
You are truly the essence
of my desire.

by Mark Sebert

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Comments (6)

Oh, Baby, I love you so much! What more can a woman want than her man to write such beautiful poetry? You are so awesome. Can't wait to marry you.
nice dude this was an excellent write i may have to borrow iit
nice poem...Mark....gr8 tribute to love
when your in love.......everything is sweet.all the best to you.
i wish you write a similar poem after 25 years of married life...well written
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