Essence Of Love

A letter of words
An enclosure of thought
The judging of decision
The paying of bought

A feeling of emotion
A rain of water
The love for wonder
Inside the son of daughter

A reading of passage
A language of tongue
The natural of nature
The walking of run

The blue in sky
The questions in why
A vapor of clouds
And the shought of sigh

The binding of the book
And not the cover
The many wonders in some
And many wondered for none

The giant leap of jump
The closing grasp of capture
The borrowed hills of valley
And golden pasture

The uncontrolled
The melted mold
The new is same as old
The warm hand cold

Everything in everyone
All to do and all is done
A try for best
A stop for rest

A quiet night
A starlit sight
A quiet night
of and for, for and of
Surrounded around
The essence of love

by Alandra Nicole Moreira

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Unconditional.....lovely tone, gentle and flows with heart....excellent piece