MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Esther’s Choice

It’s good to heed; when Jesus calls
Our lamps with oil well lit
But what’s attained behind church walls?
If all we do is sit

If warm and snug we seek to be
To live without a care
We’ve failed my friend; we’ve failed to see
The fate of souls out there

Salvation’s grace, is just the start
God’s seed, we need to sow
If Christ is truly in the heart
The world has need to know

She needs to grow as mustard seed
To spread just like the vine
So others too on Christ can feed
And drink His blood, like wine

Like Esther; had to make her choice
She had king Xerxes ear
Would she now dare to raise her voice?
Or live a life of fear?

Three days she prayed with nought to eat
In sack; instead of lace
Then walked in faith, her fate to meet
Before her sovereigns face

But God stood on queen Esther’s side
Her king such joy she brought
When on the gallows Haman died
His own trap was he caught

We too must follow Esther’s lead
Give God our lives on earth
To plant in us His Holy Seed
That grows to second birth…

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