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All the good words end to nothing,
For what I am now means to me everything.
Entertained you whenever you needed,
Was always with u whenever u were reprimanded.
Blissfully accepted whenever u did hurt,
And now I did repent why wasn’t I alert.
Preponderances of hurting was u did unintentionally,
As now I think were you my friend really.
Always took me in a funny way,
As you are an imprudent person which I discovered a snow I lay.
Recapitulating d memories of my past,
Those are the ones which will ever last.
Today I understood what my friendship means to u,
They are just remnants sputed on by you.
No abusive words come to my mind,
What comes is ur a feelingless, impersonal person but kind,
The flawless decision I have taken tonight,
Will change my life into light,
I wont care badly for someone I dunno,
Coz I wont get in return I know,
Care for no one, you will never get it back,
You will wait and wait, and will be sacked,
I wont make best friends frm now,
But care for those who do for me,
A Best friend and a friend are completely different,
Oh! ! ! I forgot you are an impudent,
What comes now to this lifeless lips,
Is that it is the death of a true friendship…..

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wowwwwwwww a death of true friendship so beautifully portrayed hey all are not like that haan change your opnions-lol -10 anjali
People will keep hurting you........but only if you let them. Don't let them. Evenso, you will find someone who will care for you just as much. Very well written...
u have a brilliant imagination and wonderful thoughts..truly genuine