#18 Lines Of A 'moon-Smith'

We may not know the value
Of the minas of Gold
And shekels of silver.

Love is an intense light
That gets us amazed
And delighted.

In darkness of hatred
Can't subdue its presence.

It stems from the bottom foot
Through the innermost liver,
It shines red and white roses

And reflects through the eyes
The burning of the heart
As an intense light.

We are all 'moon-smith'
Someday, we would mould
A fullmoon of love.

by Vincent Onyeche

Comments (4)

I always liked 'You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think'. Not that it has anything to do with your poem, but I thought you might appreciate it.
My pen actually is my shrink...I can't afford a real one...but by goodness, I'm in need.
I'd sooner trust my pen over another person's opinion.. But then again, my pen and I have an understanding... This is a clever, witty piece..well done. Amberlee
well so much for the Papermate brand. But how true, how true...