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Etched In Stone (Sensitive Material)

Once upon a time I was Daddy's little girl
He put me on a pedestal and gave me the world

He filled my life with sunshine and never any rain
Until he walked away from me and left me with the pain

Daddy taught me something that I then etched in stone
Never get too close or you'll be left alone

Into adolescence, I then slowly grew
Tried to find my way and to myself, be true

Then my friendly neighbor asked me real polite
'Come on over here, sweet girl', and so I said, 'Alright.'

I'd been there many times before to help the lonely man
Little did I know, that night, he had other plans

He spoke to me real nicely and then he grabbed my thigh
And when he pulled me closer, I began to cry

I tried to get away, I tried to tell him no
But he just chuckled lightly and wouldn't let me go

I became so tired that I gave up the fight
I prayed for God to help me, but wasn't heard that night

He put his hands all over and penetrated me
He satisfied his hunger then told me I was free

My fragile body taken to a place unknown
And another lesson etched into my stone

When I told my Mom of what the man had done
She called me a liar so, in my mind, he won

My teenage years were filled with sex and drugs and lies
Smoking pot, skipping school and screwing all the guys

Juvenile detention became my second home
Daddy didn't care and Mom just let me roam

Finally the judge put me in foster care
I got weekly visits, but Dad was never there

Once again he left me crying in the rain
The love I needed from him I could not obtain

Then I met a guy who didn't seem too wild
So we settled down and soon I had his child

When I was expecting baby number two
I covered up the bruises and no one even knew

He slept with other women every other night
And when he was at home all we did was fight

I left the door wide open when I walked away
I could hear him yelling and begging me to stay

The moral of the story, its sad but it is true
People always hurt you, no matter what you do

Although there's many people we are still alone
So take this little lesson and etch it in your stone

by Debra Henry

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Comments (4)

An emotive and heart-wrenching piece; hopefully one day, sexual crimes will be permanently deterred. -Joe Breunig Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
Cool poem Deb, I agree with tara, and welcome, bummer deb. hope it was jst a poem? , have nice day dave xxx
PS - I see it is your first post here. Welcome.. and the first of many more to come I hope. t x
This is deeply well-written and utterly heartbreaking. You sound almost detached from yourself, a tone and flow very appropriate to the message you etch so finely. t x